Thursday, October 28, 2010

Airline food, revisited...

I flew Icelandair to Iceland and you know how in an earlier post I moaned about the food on the last airplane I was on? Yeah, no complaints this time and I had an appetizer that consisted of herring dressed with a mustard mayo –herring with mayo!! It came with a hardboiled egg and rye bread. Doesn't sound so great but Holy Mother it was damn good!! I did make the mistake of choosing chicken tikka with basmati rice over reindeer medallions with a raspberry-pear reduction for my main but I thought to myself it's airline food and I'm not about to eat reindeer for fear it would ruin my palate for future reindeer meat so I stuck with the chicken. Well, after that fantastic herring starter I should have gone for the reindeer, it probably would have been much better than the chicken. The bread that came with the meal was warm and soft, the dessert was a decadent chocolate cake with mango-caramel cream, and I had a very nice Riesling with the curry which wasn't a bad match, all served with real china, glass stemware and stainless steel cutlery – oh did I mention I was in business class?? See, the airline post I wrote earlier was when I was in economy class and the best way to explain the difference between business and economy is to think of the distance between Toronto and London. Yes, that huge. I took pictures of the food, secretly with my phone - let's hope it turns out. Oh and I was drunk too (lots of champagne and the flight attendant was spoiling me with way too many chocolate truffles and red wine). Now that's the way to travel my friends.

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