Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Confession...

Ok I wasn't entirely honest about my trip to Germany during Oktoberfest. I did talk in a previous post about the various types of German food I ate and/or what I wanted to/should have eaten but I have to confess something: despite my culinary pretentions and food babble, in Germany I ate at McDonalds (not all the time and not every meal it must be said – twice I had it exactly twice and my travelling partner in crime Danielle can back me up on that!). Now I know this revelation wouldn't even raise an eyebrow (or interest for that matter) to people who don't know me but for the ones who do they know I have practically made a bloody religion out of not eating at McDonalds. I would go on and on (and on) saying don't eat that food; do you know this fact or that fact about the crap you're eating? Holy mother was I annoying on my little anti McD's mission. The truth is - are you ready for this? I actually like McDonalds. A lot. And although books/docs like Fast Food Nation grossed me completely out for five years of ever wanting to eat fast food again, I'm finding that despite that book (and hey it was a damn good book), when you've been drinking and you're hungry and there is nothing else around that's open at 1am, and trust me you're looking, suddenly, McDonalds just does the body good. I am NOT endorsing, I'm just saying!

Uh oh, the McD's craving is back and back HARD!! Damn, I forgot how tasty a Big Mac can be!

I'll resist again.

The truth is out there - now I can sleep.

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  1. So funny! There ain't no shame in a McD's run, especially when you've been dining on local cuisine in any given country for months. Sometimes greasy American comfort food hits the spot. Not to mention, it's always a treat to see the ethnic twist the golden arches portrays in each country...like curry burgers, alcohol offerings, and even waiters...call it cultural anthropology! Great blog!

    Kelley Diaz
    Global Basecamps