Saturday, December 25, 2010

Buon Natale a Roma

Merry Christmas from Rome! God it's so beautiful here. Sadly though, I'm not going to get much of a chance to explore the city. This is mostly due to last weeks colossal mess at the airports thanks to the snowstorm and the resulting cancellation at airports across Europe. My flight was one of many affected so I was supposed to be here on Wednesday morning but didn't arrive here until very late in the week, and now I Ieave for Dehli tomorrow! Oh well, I got here safely and that's what matters. Besides, I know I'll definitely be coming back here. The city is so beautiful and just driving to the hotel in the cab, looking out the window at the buildings/architecture, the landscape and yes the gorgeous Italian people makes me think without a doubt I'll be back again. That's my grown-up Christmas wish J

A few observations though;

  • Umm, are there actual speed limits on Italian highways or do drivers just sort of take it upon themselves to go whatever speed they wish?
  • I flew Alitalia. You read it right, Alitalia! No horror stories to tell about the flight itself, in fact it was really good. That is until I got to the airport and was one of five people who didn't get their luggage. FIVE PEOPLE! After about two and half hours (and receiving much needed help from someone who could speak Italian to talk to the baggage desk people), I got my bags (phew). Talk about lucky eh? Although my driver who was supposed to collect me at the airport did a runner on me, no doubt thinking I ditched him. Got a cab instead which led to observation #1. Ah well,I made it, so no complaints!!


    Buon Natale!!!
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