Saturday, January 29, 2011

Missing Canada

I miss home, my family and friends. Found this website which made me laugh, miss Canada big time and want butter tarts so badly (never a fan of date squares)!!! Some of what's written is true - ok almost all of it is but if you're a good Canadian boy or girl you'd know the difference between truth and fiction right?
Check it out
Update: Keep in mind some of this info is like from the 90s because they are referencing things that former Prime Minister Jean Chretien did or has done!!!


  1. Wow. I never realized how much I don't know about Canada. And to think that I almost moved to Toronto but refused because it didn't make since to move to a city colder than Chicago. I do know Bob and Doug McKenzie, say pop instead of soda and know that maple syrup kicks Ms. Butterworth's and Aunt Jemima's butt, though,

  2. I completely agree that our Maple Syrup is awesome and I am missing pancakes with syrup so much now my mouth waters just thinking about it!