Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You know you’re in India when…

  1. You are treated like a sort of celebrity in small towns and villages. I mean they go nuts when they see a foreigner! For me I really didn't think anything would happen. I am neither fair-skinned, blonde nor blue eyed so there would be, at least in my eyes, no reason to want to touch my hair or skin right? I was so very, very wrong about that. It was madness! Fun at first, then a bit draining and finally a little scary later I have to admit.
  2. You notice that hey, a lot of guys are holding hands(!). Here's the deal in India: men hold hands here. That's right people, MEN HOLD HANDS. Or put their arms around shoulders, around waists, whatever or wherever the ability to touch one another they'll do it, but only with the same sex. I think it's forbidden to demonstrate affection if you're a heterosexual couple haha but if you're same sex, go right on and give each other a long lingering hug. Priceless!! No, they are not gay. Get over that people!! They are just showing signs of friendship and affection that would utterly stun (among other emotions) men and possibly some women in North America. I laughed when I saw it because, well, obviously I think it's great. Even better? Foreign tourists reaction, especially guys – yeah, keep staring boys, homophobia is sexy!!! Look, it ain't gonna go away because you're willing it not to be true so deal or leave!
  3. Traffic has its own rules. I think the traffic police are there for foreign tourists' peace of mind because they really don't have much to do with the traffic flow except to whistle and occasionally gesture angrily. It does flow, very, very, very chaotically, but it does move. And without accident. Said this to someone earlier I swear in North America we are so uptight that producing all these rules designed to ensure our safety have instead done the opposite. Here I've seen babies on the backs of motorcycles, zipping along with the Mum sitting sidesaddle on the bike, no helmets on anyone and they are FINE!!!! Yeah get a North American official here they'd have a heart attack full stop. Begs the question though – does being uptight (ok maybe I should use the word being very careful) prevent or actually lead to more accidents?
  4. Related to point three. I ve said this before I'll say it again. Do NOT attempt to drive here, it's not worth it. Get on the bus, the train, a rickshaw , hire a bloody car for God's sake, it's not as expensive as you think. Just don't attempt to drive. Don't do it – DON'T DO IT!! You won't be able to handle it – trust me on that.
  5. All you want to eat is curry. You'd think you'd be sick of it but you aren't. At last not me. I've been in India for seven days. Not once have I ever craved anything else but curry and naan and rice. I eat it ALL THE TIME. Whenever I ve gone to a place where the menu has strayed outside of that cuisine, Im thinking in my head – me want curry. Like for example, the food pictures below were taken on my second day in Dehli at really nice restaurant. Looks tasty eh? It was - very tasty. Still, I found myself thinking afterwards that although the food was very good, where's the naan? Where's the curry lol God I love a good curry. If my friend Paula from cooking school was with me now she'd go nuts like me over the curries. Paula you have to go to India!!!!

    (Picture one, sole with mixed veg and pic 2 chocolate mousse)

  6. You can't wait to get the hell out of the country but find yourself figuring out next years vacation time so you can go back. Yes it has that effect on you!!

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  1. yeah I peeped out the had holding thingy in Egypt. I new what that was all about. I like it. A lot of guys in African countries do that too. Some of my west African friends "guys" we hold hands and it's not taboo even though we are friends. lol But the rest of the world has to think ...