Friday, February 18, 2011

A quickie

I have pictures of Kyoto to post, pictures of the beautiful Kayotei Ryokan to post and upcoming pics of Tokyo to post. My intention today was to post stuff but I knew that wasn't going to happen after starting off with an hour in the hot springs baths outside (there is snow here in Kaga but the heat of the water plus the cold air plus mountain view? Amazing). Then I had a two hour breakfast prepared in my room and now I just got back from the best two hour, Japanese massage ever here (I caught myself snoring, something that never happens when I usually get massages – slightly embarrassing but it was so relaxing I couldn't help but fall asleep). So anyway I'm a bit/a lot out of it now and can't be bothered to do anything but stare out the window and hum. I'm promising myself to get to the blog by this weekend!

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