Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coming up!

Ah the usual thing when I say it's been a while since I've posted anything mostly because it HAS been a while and that's just because Bali has slowed me down - but in a very good way. I really haven't done a thing since the trip to the Orangutan reserve. I'm basically lounging around the pool during the day doing absolutely nothing and Irving it. My family will be here in a couple of days to join me for three weeks. Can't believe they're actually going to be here but I'm so glad they are! I haven't forgotten the blog though! Lots coming up including the Orangutan adventure (a story I wrote for the Global Basecamps blog will be linked here – I'll include new photos and hopefully the video worked out so I can post that too) plus a recent photo contest where one of my pics were chosen; a tour of an Indonesian food market; Cooking classes featuring traditional Balinese cuisine plus an interview with one of the Sous Chefs and cooking instructors at the resort I'm currently staying at. I'm also a working on an interview with the fantastic Etsuko, guide extraordinaire and Sake queen from Tokyo. Keep on coming to the blog for updates!!

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