Friday, November 2, 2012

November, 'Movember'

It's getting colder, and lately that's all I've been thinking about - actually Hawaii is what I've been thinking about, but I digress. I will happily tear myself away from the me, me, me symphony, and dedicate some time to the significance of the month of November (besides a change in weather). November is also the month of Movember - a time to raise awareness for prostate cancer, and men's mental health. An important, and might I add, overlooked cause. So really Steve? Weather trumpimg a good cause? P'shaw you say. Reality I say, but I know a good cause when I see it, and this is one I fully support, shit weather and all. I will happily try to grow something that resembles a moustache and beard for this important month. There is something else.... November is also my birth month, and in 27 days I will be turning, 'ahem'..older. About five years ago I was asking myself what I would be doing with my life, where I'd be at this stage in my life. Well, after recently repeating myself with the same question (a sign of getting older), five years later I still have no answer. All I know is that in the five years since the passing of my partner Rob to cancer, I have travelled around the world, spent considerable time in school; first completing a two year Chefs training course, and now working on my public relations certification. I can honestly say it has not been boring. It's been tough but it keeps getting better, I feel better, and I think that's an accomplishment/progress in itself. One step at a time...

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