Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oh God, here we go again...Ford Follies continued

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I have repeatedly vowed that I won't dive into politics on this blog. This is a food, travel and random musings babble fest that does not, and should not, include political opinions and/or thoughts. I've broken that vow a few times - see here and here for examples. I recently read something today that made me both mad and fascinated at the same time. It also made me break the vow of no political talk on the this blog - again. It would seem that our current Mayor (in name only - since he couldn't be fired, city council pretty much neutered him - he's just a face to the title) is sitting in a three-way tie for the lead. Say what?? Yes people - we are once again back to a familiar topic: Toronto's "Mayor" Robert Ford.

This is election time in Toronto, and Rob Ford - since he is running for reelection, will be and is THE topic of conversation. Man, talk about a polarizing figure. I will say that Toronto has never been so interesting politically since he came on the scene, and that is saying a lot considering the lunatics we've had in power before he came along. Yup, I'm pointing at you Mel "boiling in a pot of water while natives dance around me" Lastman and June "I won't allow a band with an offensive name - Barenaked Ladies - perform in public" Rowlands. So Mr. Ford gets a nod for at least reviving some interest in what is usually a long, tedious 8 month process to become Toronto's next top Mayor.

I've written in the past for him to resign, only to retract that opinion - sort of. Well since that posting, our 'ahem' humble Mayor has allegedly gone to rehab, and mercifully disappeared from public view for a few weeks. Can I tell you how beautiful it was without the headlines screaming about the latest Rob Ford f*ckery? Trust me, his absence from the scene was comparable to that incredible dish, the one that stays on your mind and you can still taste it in your dreams. It was that fantastic glass of wine, scotch, gin whatever or better. It was that amazing sex that you just didn't want to feel/have it end. Yes, THAT good.

But like the fart that follows you into the car, he still lingers on the scene long after you wish it would go away. The latest polls have him tied with two other candidates: John Tory and Olivia Chow.

People are commenting on HuffPo and other sites about their shock, shock(!) that Rob Ford is still managing to attract voters after all the sh*t he's done, not to mention putting the city through hell with him. But here's the deal: there are people who live in big, progressive Toronto who really, really like him and the views he espouses. Yes, there are people - in Toronto, who don't like liberals or their views. Who don't like gays and are thrilled he skips Pride and the parade. Who aren't thrilled with immigrants and absolutely hate taxes of any sort going up. He appeals to them and continues to do so no matter what personal problems he has.

All I can say, is that if this man is re-elected, then we, Torontonians, will get what we voted for. If it happens, then it should be seen as a wake up call for any future candidates who want to run from Mayor. There is a different life for people who do not live in the Downtown core, or even the old City of Toronto boundaries. They do not share the views, values, ideals that many people who live downtown take for granted or assume everyone shares.

The election is on October 27th. I can't wait and yet I'm also terrified to find out what will happen. The countdown begins.

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