Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A hungry man arrives in Memphis! Association of Food Journalists Convention stories

The Peabody Hotel, built in 1925 - picture courtesy of preferredhotelgroup.com

I have left Toronto and arrived in hot (weather-wise) Memphis, Tennessee en route from Atlanta, Georgia, for the Association of Food Journalists annual convention. It has been an absolutely outstanding trip so far and I just got here!

From actor Ross Kemp on the flight to Memphis (for those who watched UK soap Eastenders back in the day, he played Grant Mitchell - and my God he talks a lot!). To my cab driver who gave me the low down on the Memphis scene, and the best times to visit Graceland.

Fabulous food - which I kind of expected heading to the South but now I really know I'm in for serious culinary awesomeness starting right at dinner with a huge thank you to the chefs and staff at Capriccio Restaurant for making a hungry man a very happy man, and especially to the lovely and amazing Rachel for her impeccable service. In fact the food services amazingness hasn't ended yet. It's quarter to 11PM and I'm about to receive a complimentary tiramisu dessert, delivered to my room from the staff at the restaurant. Look!

This is after I've already scarfed down two complimentary, and so very, very tasty chocolate chip cookies!

Amazing hospitality! My room at The Peabody hotel is cuh-razy - it's not just 'a room' ladies and gents - it's a bloody condo! Two floors people, two floors! Pictures and maybe a video to come!

God, what's happening? Now I'm kinda scared. The conference is starting way too blissfully. Is it possible that this feeling of pure joy and awesomeness can last for a whole week?

We'll certainly see.

Day One of the conference officially starts tomorrow morning at 8am.

The time is now and I'm ready.

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