Monday, April 6, 2015

Mad Men - the beginning of the end

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Even the post title brings water to my eyes. I felt a little tear trickle down the side of my face as I watched 'Severance'- episode eight of the final season, and for very good reasons.

For seven years, this program has been become an integral part of my Sunday night life. I knew the end was coming, and although I was seriously distracted by my other ultimate favourite AMC program The Walking Dead, in the back on my mind, Don Draper loomed large.

I'm not going to say anything maudlin or depressing, other than I will watch the remaining six episodes with a mixture of sadness and excitement. I cannot wait, yet, I can't bear to find out what happens either, to see how it all ends and to hopefully, not be disappointed by a cop-out ending.

If I'm feeling sad about the end of the Mad Men era, I can only imagine how Tom and Lorenzo are coping! I know I will personally miss their post Mad Men episode discussions, and astute fashion dissections.

Well, until it officially ends, lets go on with the show.

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