Monday, September 21, 2015

The ultimate, quirky, random food Q&A post!

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So I have set out on a quest. My task was to go out and ask a variety of people what there ultimate food question was. Thus began the ultimate random food Q&A you'll read below.

It's quite amazing what sort of questions you get asked when you just let people be people. From the weird, to the distinctly puzzling, there should be something there for anyone with a curiosity for the randomness of food topics. And I'll add this caveat to the post: if you happen to have anything you want to know that wasn't covered below, pass it on. The best part of Q&As, is whether or not you can actually find the answer.

1. Can you freeze smoked salmon?

A nice straightforward question to start with! Yes, you can freeze it. Ensure that it's vacuum sealed to avoid freezer burn. But remember, once it's thawed you cannot re-freeze it.

2. Why does terrible cooking smell so god-awful?
An excellent question. I would love to get into the science of bad smells, but the simple answer? Because it's the senses telling you to stop what you're doing and either start again or order out!

3. How do I prevent my friends from inviting us to another dinner party?
I don't even know where to start with this! Ok, so you didn't send your address when you emailed this question to me, but that's ok, I'll find it. Why? Because we are going to swap lives so I can have your friends. I don't even know why you'd want to escape these people, unless we're referring to question 2?

4. I know next to nothing about wines, but I want to appear knowledgeable, what do I do?
Pepper your conversation with the words 'terrior', 'vintner' and 'appellation'. It will be enough to at least detour your amateur oenophile (another great wine word to keep in your back pocket) scent for a short time, while you quickly - but discretely, google additional info from your smart phone.

5. Can you cry over spilt milk?
Well, I've seen it happen so all arrows point to yes. But the key thing to remember, is to always have a towel attached to your person for wiping both your face and the floor.

Do you have any more odd, quirky or totally sane food questions? Send them to me at:

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