Friday, August 6, 2010

Ready? Begin.

I still remember the words of my kindergarten teacher (who was also my Mum – yep, my mother was my kindergarten teacher, and yes it was weird but great too). Before we would start to sing a song, she would say that to us and I've never forgotten it. Ready? Begin. Now the words are back as the first post on my blog! My blog – I have to laugh. Granted, I am now just one of the millions of blogs out there and yes, I'm very aware it's like joining a party that's almost half over but who cares right?

So what exactly am I going to do with this blog? Well, initially my plan was to have a combination travel/ food blog; to specifically record lessons, recipes and ideas from a culinary perspective that I hope to pick up as I travel to various countries around the world. Will it stay that way? I doubt it. Along the way I may throw in a few things that may not be food or travel related. Ok who am I kidding? I'm DEFINITELY going to be to doing that. This will be my way of just keeping track of some of the crazy/interesting/ridiculous things that tend to happen to me whenever I travel.

So it's Tuesday, August 3rd and I'm sitting in my den, writing out the very first post, and a bunch of things are hitting me at once as I write this:

  1. I can't believe I'm doing this round-the-world trip! It couldn't be a normal, sit-on-a-cruise-and-drink-my-face-off type of trip, oh no, I had to go around the world– by myself – WTF am I doing?
  2. I'm leaving friends, family and a life behind as I explore this planet. By myself. WTF am I doing?
  3. I can't believe I actually have a blog now - (I can't add WTF to this statement though, I mean I can but I didn't do this alone - I had a LOT of help from Gillian, my friend and former co-worker at Calphalon Culinary Centre -Toronto – she set the whole thing up for me!!)

Getting the picture?

That's a lot to have rumbling around in a persons head on a Tuesday night, but hey that's sometimes what you do when you spend a lot of time by yourself, you talk to yourself quite frequently! Doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm about to embark on some pretty big things, and it's freaking scary, exhilarating, and from my own personal perspective based on events these past few years, somewhat life changing. I know I'm not about to discover a cure for cancer with this blog (I wish I could), nor is anything I write going to profoundly change the world. This is just a personal thing. I do, however, promise that this blog will NOT be a gay version of Eat, Pray, Love.

So after this first post the blog will be kind of quiet because I'm moving and preparing for the trip.

The design of the blog will also be worked on as well as the format.

I'll start regularly posting in September.

Alright enough babble; it's time to get moving.

Ready? Begin.

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