Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ein Prosit! A hungry man visits Oktoberfest Final Part

Ok, so I spoke a bit about the food at Weisn but I feel that I must say something about the airline food on my flight to Munich. Now God knows we all complain about it - well some do, and I can honestly say as someone who has worked in the culinary field for over fifteen years, I genuinely feel sorry for all of us who are forced to eat what they give us. I know the option is to starve, but I just don't know what can be done about this situation, can someone tell me? It wasn't always like this. I've even read stories about how the food used to be pretty good back in the day. I know there are strict food budgets that cannot be exceeded. I also know that it's very difficult to create meals that appeal to everyone, but if McDonalds can successfully do it (simply used as an easy example of mass-produced food, not a recommendation to eat there) and make a profit, so can the airlines. No excuses.

I mean who wouldn't want chicken smothered in what I believe was meant to be a sauce but instead was an orange-dyed, thick, overly sweet sludge served with seriously overcooked pasta, what was once diced green and red peppers but who knows what happened to the flavour and a very, VERY odd tasting green pea and carrot chutney which actually made no sense to serve with this particular chicken dish. Add in a bun that was left in the microwave too long turning it into a rock and a hard piece of chocolate brownie cake and there's your dinner and dessert! Does that sound mouth watering to you?? If it does I won't judge you, I promise, but for the ones who cried while reading that description don't you wish you can say: Seriously airlines, please, please can't you try a bit harder?? And for all that is good, CUT THE SALT!!!! I remember in Culinary School we really had to salt our dishes for flavour, but there was no excuse for the excess amount of salt in that meal where your taste buds are literally rising from your tongue and the roof of your mouths to push your mouth closed so you can't inhale another bite!! No wonder they came around with bottled water every ten minutes after the 'meal' was over. Dehydration on a flight is not pleasant.

Ya know, I'm beginning to think that this blog despite its name may very well turn out to be the musings of a traveller rather than strictly a travel blog about recipes and food as I originally thought/planned. Don't get me wrong, I still plan to talk culinary, just not in the way I thought I would. Oh well, it'll be ok.
I really babbled in this post, sorry but hey it's my blog and I'll babble if I want to! Oh and check out the picture of said airline meal (ugh). See what I mean?

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