Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bless Reykjavik

So it's time for a hungry man to say Bless – which translates to 'goodbye' in Icelandic – to beautiful Reykjavik and the amazing country of Iceland, but hey if you're feeling particularly religious we can go that way too.

What a trip. What a trip. Yesterday I went for a walk around the city. It's not very big, a population of about 180 000 – same size as the city I currently live in back in Canada but I couldn't help but notice the sheer differences between the two. Back home they were/are having a huge debate about what to do regarding the number of bars in the downtown core. Apparently there are too many!! Someone please think of the children!!! In Reykjavik there are so many bars crowded on the main thoroughfare I wonder how they manage to support all these places but yet somehow they do without it turning into a giant brawl when the bars and restaurants close (yeah my hometown is pretty gross once closing time comes around at 2am). I'm thinking city council need to take a trip to Iceland pronto!

I'm really going to miss this place but I know I'll be back again (I think the next visit just might happen in the summer). The people here are incredible. I've been very lucky to have met and connected with some truly outstanding people here. To Ingi, Birna, Halli and Gylfi - 'Takk fyrir'. Actually, Brna and Ingi made a traditional Icelandic lunch for me on Tuesday as a goodbye gift which was so amazing I didn't even know what to say except to constantly repeat thank you, thank you, thank you. Suffice to say a lot of wine was also involved in the meal so I can't quite remember the proper names of the dishes we ate. I'll have to write to Ingi to find that out but it was damn good and a very memorable lunch. I can't believe after being there for only five days that I ve met people who have opened their homes to me. Just completely blown away by the hospitality in Iceland.

Ok I'm going to stop here. Ya'll know where my head is at regarding Iceland so I think I can give it a rest now.

HUGE thanks to Meg at Global Basecamps and Kristin at Nordic Visitor - you guys know why!!

Next stop: London

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