Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Golden Circle Pictures: Final

Langjokull Glacier

We arrive. This is the 4x4 that got us up the mountain to the glacier.

First shot getting out of the car – see what I mean about the emptiness but yet it truly was a beautiful thing to see, you're just in awe!

Our guide Gylfi getting the snowmobiles ready.

Gylfi (hands on hip) instructing us before we get on our snowmobiles with Kelly (in orange) and John (in Blue).

Me on my snowmobile – yes I'm aware of how I look but I don't care, I was having such a great time! Oh and now I want my own snowmobile - seriously.

See what I mean again about being so tiny when you're in this environment?

Pictures taken at the base of the glacier. In terms of size, Langjokull is one of the smaller glaciers but you still feel so small when you're standing next to this!

Incredible. I've said it before and I'll say it again, pictures do NOT do this place justice.

The one word going through my mind while riding my snowmobile at this point? Beautiful.

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