Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ich Bin Ein Berliner!*

A hungry man is sending out a special 'Guten Tag' (Good day) from Germany! Yep, for the past two days 'I am a Berliner'* – well sort of. See I haven't really had the chance to explore much of Berlin since I got here. Why? Oh I could say that the weather has been absolute crap since I got here (and it has been) which doesn't exactly lend itself to touring or I could say that the hotel I'm staying at (The Berlin Ritz-Carlton ) is so nice I just can't imagine wanting to leave(it is VERY nice). The truth of the matter is something less fun. My back gave out. The past two days have been agony. Even putting on something so simple like my socks was akin to torture, and I can barely walk without hunching over. I swear I need a cane, that's how bad it is. I took a bunch of pills today that hopefully should help because frankly as much as I've enjoyed hanging out in my really nice room, this is not the reason why I came to Berlin and I am going a bit stir crazy!

I did manage to make it downstairs for breakfast today after taking about an hour and a half to get ready and no, not for vanity reasons – it just took forever to get dressed thanks to this annoying pain in my back.

But on a more positive note, I had schnitzel for dinner last night!! Take a look – tender veal schnitzel with a cucumber salad, cranberry compote, buttery mashed potato and paired with a tasty Sauvignon Blanc (Cloudy Bay – New Zealand). Just what I needed!

A good friend of mine asked me when I plan on writing more about food and when I look back at previous posts I really haven't have I, at least not since Iceland anyway. I think I'm waiting until I start the India/Vietnam/Japan etc. part of the trip to really get into food writing because I will have the chance to work with food a lot more than what I'm currently doing in Europe. I'll be doing loads of cooking classes and demos when I'm in Asia so I'll be more on the ball with food writing then, I promise!!

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