Wednesday, November 17, 2010

London: A Review Part 2

A review continued….

  1. This past rainy Sunday was spent doing something quite cultural with my friend, the handsome and talented James (Jim to you and I). I went to a private home museum in Holland Park (anyone familiar with the show AbFab will remember that Holland Park is the same neighbourhood where Eddie lives). The house was called Leighton House, owned by the late Lord and Artist Frederic Leighton and it was built in the 1800's. It was recently refurbished and is really quite extraordinary (I started to take pictures but was quickly stopped by the curator – got a few though) and afterwards Jim and I went down the pub for a traditional English Sunday roast. All in all a really nice day.

    Leighton House – The Arab Room which features an impressive collection of Islamic Tiles and a fountain in the middle of the room.

    The ceiling of The Arab Room

    The Main hall and that's where I had to stop taking pictures because the curator came flying out from the doors on the right!

    Traditional Chicken Roast at the pub – half a chicken, roast potato and parsnips, glazed carrots, gravy, soo good.

  2. Coventry. Took a trip to the countryside to visit my good friend Tony and his partner Femi (they just got married!) and went to dinner at The Carvery. Every time I come back to the UK I insist on going to that place. Is it worth it to travel to Coventry just for that? Yes! Oh and trust me, you will hear the question 'why are you going to Coventry'? Well when you do now you can tell them that Stephen said one of the best Carvery's in the country is there so shut the fuck up! Yes that's a rather strong response but believe me when dealing with the sneers one sees when you mention to Brits that you're going Coventry, it's an appropriate response. Oh and don't take the London Midland Train if you go – spend the extra money and stick with Virgin, trust me!!!

    (pictures to come)

  3. So a couple of nights ago I'm in the pub, alone, having a pint, happily minding my own business, reading a book on my kindle (oh I'm so plugging this; the Amazon Kindle; the BEST travelling companion a guy could have!!), and as the night progresses I keep noticing this really cute guy staring at me and of course being in straight bar you do NOTHING about it (well maybe I don't, I'm really not as bold as some). Anyway he makes his way over and introduces himself and bah blah blah after a half hour of chatting me up, invites me to his home. I'm like really? Wow you're pretty forward for an Englishman lol also, I'm pretty gross right now. This is my fourth pint so I'm drunk, I'm hungry and I have giant pimple on my nose (did I not write earlier that I was gross??) so I had to leave him but I left smiling too thinking, only in London. Oh and on a much less gross note, I also managed to meet on a completely different night the lovely Helena with the beautiful smile. So this is a huge shout out to her for making my last night in London such a fun, drunken mess haha
  4. And lastly, a quick word about The Charlotte Hotel. Wow, did you ever spoil me during my two weeks in London. Amazing hotel and worth every single penny spent there. Oh and the Prince William/Kate Middleton wedding just broke when I was at the airport. My thoughts were 'hope she knows what she's in for joining that cuckoo clock family'. Mind you I guess every family is a bits nuts, just none of us really have to cope with it on a world stage.

And on that note, see ya later London, I'll be back!! Now this hungry man is travelling to Berlin – I'm craving schnitzel all of a sudden!

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