Wednesday, November 17, 2010

London: A Review Part 1

Well my time in the UK has come to an end. Now I admit to not keeping up the blog as well as I should have while I was in London. Why didn't I you may ask? Well time just flew by and to be honest I sort of forgot about the blog. I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to Berlin (which has been delayed due to seriously intense fog here at Heathrow) so now is the time to play catch up. Let's go over the past week of events shall we?

  1. Harry Potter. Love Harry Potter. Don't care how geeky that makes me, I love it!!!! So the premier of the new Harry Potter film happened last Thursday (and is currently receiving not so great reviews - at least in Britain anyway) at Leicester Square Theatre and sadly I missed it. I was seriously disappointed. I did, however, get the chance to stroll the Millennium Bridge after a cool visit to the Tate Modern. Now anyone who has seen the Potter film 'The Half Blood Prince' knows that the Millennium Bridge was destroyed in it so you can see how excited I was to stroll along, hoping, just hoping that the Death Eaters would make an appearance (and of course hoping they wouldn't). Yeah I went all nerd there, so what? It was a damn good movie! I should make a comment about the Tate Modern but other than the fact the gallery has been converted from a power plant to the stunning building it is now I have to admit that some of the artists showing their works there were just beyond me and it's not a comforting feeling being rendered an idiot simply because you don't understand their concepts. Oh well. After that this traveler got hungry so I went for curry.

    Millennium Bridge facing north.

    Millennium Bridge facing south -Tate Modern in the background.

    Mmm curry.

  2. I fell – again – this time on Charing Cross Road. I mean this was a serious, fall to the ground, hand spread out to catch yourself before you hit the ground, fall. I tripped on a sidewalk stone. I was mortified and you know what makes it worse? That it seems to be turning into a very sad habit lately. 80 year olds have better mobility than me these days! I fell in Iceland and now I make a spectacle of myself in front of lot of people in London including some folks enjoying their meal at Chipotle Mexican Restaurant. After dusting myself off, I literally ran down the road to get away from the scene and the people staring and eventually made my way into a rather pleasant little bistro and proceeded to drink my face off which totally eased the pain, as it would J Turned out to be an ok afternoon after all.
  3. Priscilla. Went to see the musical in the West End. It's based on the classic/cult movie, The Adventures of Priscilla; Queen of the Desert. I went with my very good friend Andrew, who had seen it before and warned me on how over the top gay the musical is. That is no joke. It is gay. So incredibly, fantastically, scary, hilariously gay. Perhaps the gayest two hours you will ever spend in your life should you decide to go (you know you're entering the world of gay when men dressed as giant cupcakes WITH candles on their heads are pirouetting around the stage - comfortably). DON'T let that be a deterrent though, seriously, because it was amazing. Actually, I was amusing myself more from watching the straight guys clinging to their girlfriends (and oh they were clinging ladies and gentlemen, but kudos to them for even going – I'm sure they were leaving the musical with their eyes VERY wide open), staring in either horror or awe at the spectacle on stage. Overall it was a good time and so much fun (with a hint of sadness underneath but what would you expect from a musical about three middle aged drag queens)!!!!!

    This is it kids, this is Priscilla, the musical. See I told ya so!

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