Thursday, November 11, 2010

Living it up

Usually when I travel, I try not to make too big a deal about where I'm staying, meaning, I don't talk too much about accommodations. I hope that I'll be staying somewhere nice, you know, comfy bed, private bath, that sort of thing. Well, in London I've been staying at a seriously beautiful hotel. The Charlotte Street Hotel in Soho. Five star all the way baby. The service is just impeccable, and after this experience I'm not sure how I'll ever go back to just Holiday Inn stylin's but since I'm not a Rockefeller I'll have to figure it out. Anyway why am I babbling about hotels and accommodations? I think mostly because I found the following situation so humorous (to me anyway) I had to write about it. Look at these pics:

I bet you're wondering why I posted these aren't you. Maybe you're asking yourself why is this guy taking pictures of what looks like a gift? Well sadly it's not exactly a gift. It's my laundry. I had it sent out (mostly just underclothes if you need to know), and when I got it back the following day it was presented in a gift box all wrapped up with a flower inside. That is the difference between two and five star hotels (there are other differences but this stood out for me). I laughed when the porter brought it to my room, I couldn't help it. I just found it a bit OTT but I am NOT complaining at all. This hotel is amazing, and if (when) I do make it back to London I'll definitely be staying here again. I mean c'mon, take a look at my room – would you not want to stay here??

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