Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mojo rising – could this be happiness in Vietnam?

Ugh gross post headline but there is a point to it I promise. Looking back, I remember this girl I knew back in my University days. Mel was her name. She named her cat Mojo Rising because she was in love with The Doors. We made fun of her big time for that and that memory came to me because the headline provoked it so I blame that.

Yeah ya'll know I wasn't getting into the groove of Viet Nam (I'm making a conscious effort now to spell it the proper way and that includes cities, place etc.). My family and friends have been the recipients (I include my poor travel agent extraordinaire Meg in that group) hearing about my ambivalence about being here. I mean it's unhappy and happy mixed together but more unhappiness than anything, I'll be honest. Well guess what kids, the clouds have lifted!! I'm here to say the real Steve is back in the mix.

I missed him.

I really didn't like unhappy Steve, miserable in a hotel, whiny to anyone who'll listen blah, blah, blah. I'm actually am VERY happy now, can you believe it? So what changed things? Ha Noi. It's as simple as a place. I landed here from a rainy day in Hue and instantly, the minute I got here, I liked it. Of course the little things helped (they usually do right?). Like when the people in business class got off the plane (me included), we had our own little bus waiting for us and then when we got to the airport our luggage was the first to arrive – yeah I know, spoilt bitches haha. Loved that!! My Driver was waiting for me with a big ol' sign saying Stephen Wilson so another big woohoo!! Took me to my hotel which turned out to be another huge plus! Honestly things were just sailing along. Yeah it's not totally superficial reasons like the ones mentioned above that I'm in a great mood people. Honestly I just felt good when I got here. I haven't felt that way since Cambodia and I trust that feeling and I'm really glad it's back. I was VERY worried I was going to leave Vietnam thinking phew; it's over with – next country! Already having been here in Ha Noi I met fellow Canadians, a few Americans and an incredibly sweet Vietnamese girl who could not stop staring and smiling at me with her friends, not to mention a very nice German (straight couple) I met at dinner and who l'll be hanging out with when they get back from Ha Long Bay on Friday. Ok, ok it didn't hurt that they were both very easy on the eyes tooJ

All in all a very nice and much needed welcome to Ha Noi. Pictures to come!


  1. Welcome Mr.Happy! ☼ “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

  2. Love that quote - that's very true. I'm working on it, believe me. Lots of stumbles, a few falls but I think it'll be ok...I hope anyway