Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cooking in Bali – Part 1

I know I've been super quiet with the blog but I assure you I haven't dropped the ball or in this case, pot - get it?? Because I'm talking about cooking? Dropping the pot? Good one eh? Ugh, yup, ahhh, anyway, I admit I have been late trying to get pics, stories and stuff onto the blog because being in Bali made me not want to do it!!Fine, ok, I just didn't feel like it when the sun was beckoning and the beach and the pool ….I'm attempting to catch up now!

First up: Visit to the food market and a day of cooking at in Mangiss. The market was chaotic but cool and a real taste of what was to come in cooking class. I picked up a few things for myself (vanilla pods, peppercorns and macadamia nuts) as it is so much cheaper buying that stuff here (particularly macadamia nuts) than at home. I loved the visit though – look at all the beautiful colours of the food being sold. You just feel like buying everything!!!

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