Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Zealand Chronicles: The end

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post was written about a month ago YIKES but oh well, better late than never right? where does the time go I say??)

I'll admit that since I know that the trip will be coming to a close very soon and I'll be heading home to Canada (uh yeah -by the way umm well done Canadians he says sarcastically – giving the Conservatives a majority? Seriously?? 'sigh' depressing but I digress), I can honestly admit to feeling not so rushed about keeping the blog up to date. I chalk it up to traveler's fatigue – or could be laziness but let's definitely say traveler fatigue.

So I'm winding down my time in New Zealand. I've been so lucky to have done a lot of great things including an incredible, amazing helicopter ride over the Milford Sound - God that was so cool and exciting, a definite trip highlight. You know how in movies like, for example The Sound of Music (yes I've seen this – many, many times!! No embarrassment) there is that opening shot of the Alps, all up close and personal? Well those shots are comparable to the mountain ranges we flew over in the helicopter and how close we were to them. It was scary, exhilarating and just plain amazing. What made it even more worth it was actually being able to get out of the helicopter and take pictures on this remote landing on the mountain– so freaking cool!!! Again a definite highlight of my time in New Zealand and probably top 5 of the most exciting things I've done since I started this trip!

Another very cool thing? Watching the Haka performed by the Maoris'. Now granted I know they have done this a million times for loads of tourists but it is still incredible to watch, to learn about their very rich heritage and traditions and to understand what it really means when they bulge their eyes and stick out their tongues (I LOVE that part) and for the pure fierceness of the tribes and their incredibly singing. Loved that and could watch it again and again. As a matter of fact I did see another much longer performance and I tried to videotape it but not sure if it was successful or not.

So what else can I say? New Zealand was truly an odd country filled with odd but incredibly friendly people. I've really taken to the city of Wellington, wind and all (it's VERY windy there) and I was taken by surprise watching some people walk around downtown Auckland in their bare feet without a care in the world meanwhile I'm thinking holy crap they are so going to catch some gross foot fungal disease!!! Turns out the streets are kept impeccably clean enough to walk around barefoot. I personally would never do it but there is just something awesome about that sort of k knowledge – well, I think so anyway.

I want to send out a massive thanks to Mr. Sheriff Alex who had been my very patient guide, confidant, mentor and just a great friend to me during my time in NZ and I'm going to miss hanging around him. C'mon when you're in close quarters with someone for two weeks you can't help but get to know them and you just hope you get along or it's gonna be a very long trip. I was lucky to have met him so thanks Sheriff!!

Up next: Final NZ pics and Hawaii!

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