Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer school

That was a great movie when I saw it back in '87. No, it wasn't an intellectually stimulating film nor was it meant to be. It was, however, just your average, typical, stupid, and absolutely hilarious teenage movie for the average, typical, stupid teen! Ya know when I think back to my high school life, I didn't actually go to summer school - wait that's not true, I did but left after about a week due to the fact that the summer school teacher was not particularly pleasant (mind you who would be having to teach during the summer?), and called us bunch of spoiled brats (which was true but he didn't have to say it). Oh well, could have been worse, we could have been called idiots. Ah, teenage life eh?

So I'll say this straight away: I'm back at school now and it's been both great and sad. Great because FINALLY I'm on my way to completing something that really should have been finished a long time ago (but that's neither here nor there). Sad because, well, it's summer and I recall myself vowing that I would never go to school during the summer again - particularly after doing the acclerated program at culinary school that took me straight through summer two years ago. Oh well, it's the price you pay for continuing education right? Other than that no complaints. On a travel note I will be heading out west in a few days so (hopefully) I'll be updating the blog after that trip.

Now back to the books!

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