Saturday, June 16, 2012

A hungry man travels to British Columbia

Ok, so maybe not overly hungry, but I did take a trip out west to British Columbia (BC) for a wedding and what can I say? BC is pretty much what I thought it would be. The mountains and lakes are absolutely beautiful. When I was travelling in New Zealand last year, I used to think that this was what BC looked like, and I'd like to think I was pretty accurate in making that assessment.

My amazing travelling companion, the lovely Lady Sylwia, and I left Toronto and four hours later, we were in Kelowna. The wedding was in Vernon, which was about 40 minutes away from Kelowna (and about five hours by car from Vancouver). We hopped in our rented car and yep we stared in awe as we drove along - the scenery was spectacular! I have to digress a bit here and say that I was a little stressed about driving (I really hate driving when I'm travelling, don't ask me why - oh wait, I can say why. It's because I'm on holiday right? So why stress myself over transportation, when I can get on a train, or bus, or take a cab, or even better, have a service pick me up and drive me where I need to go! I'm aware how this sounds but that's just how I'm livin' and I make no excuses for it!). Turns out the drive was easy, so no need for the Steve stress-ball. I mean cmon, it's not as if I was driving my way through India right?

What can I say about the wedding? Well, Syl and I stayed at this hot mess of a hotel. We shut down Checkers Bar and Grill (yep, you read that right - it's Checkers baby!! Oh you have to check it out here) one night. WAY too many martini's and beers but it was hilarious and fun, and the bartender made a killer martini! Carole and Colin (Bride and Groom respectively) looked amazing (Carole was just beautiful and God, I wish I had better pics to show her off) and very, very happy (with the occasional tears) on the wedding day. The wedding itself was held on a family friend's stunning private property overlooking the lake and mountains, and the day itself couldn't have been more sunny (and damn hot - not ideal when you were wearing a suit but it's all good). The food was good and yes, I'm usually MUCH more descriptive when it comes to my meals - especially on this blog (I'll definitely add that the Chinese food we had on Day One of the wedding weekend was delicious, and I'd LOVE the recipe for the seaweed that was served - note to self: ask Carole for recipe), but I'll just say that overall it was good, and leave it at that.

Now my only complaint was what in hell were town planners thinking when they planned Vernon? I mean it's not really what you'd call a pretty town. It's like they plunked Roseanne's fictional hometown of Lanford into the most stunning area in the country and thought, yup just the way I like it - ugh. At least the people there are great, shame about the buildings/architecture though.

Ok so I did mention I may take pictures in a previous blog and I did - on my iPhone. So once I upload them we'll see how it turned out. This is a BIG deal (to me anyway), as it will be the first time I ve used the pics on my phone for this blog. Once I figuure it out how to do it, Ill put them up!

Update: I did it but I only got one picture??? Ridiculous (on my part)- lets see if the video works.

Update 2: Got a picture of the Chinese food and I'm still trying to upload a video of the wedding but it's not working!!! Ok the trip is over, now it's back to schoolwork!

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