Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The story so far...UPDATE

Had to smile at the original 'the story so far' post (here). It sounds like the musings (dare I say whingings?) of a man-child, and I swear to God some days I really feel like that extremely annoying, yet oddly catchy Avril Lavigne song "Here's to never growing up" - a life of perpetual "we'll see how the day goes" attitude. Now most people wouldn't complain about that. In fact, quite a few people would LOVE a life like that. I love my life, but I do have moments from time to time where I'm wondering if it's all going to catch up with me in some way. Oh well, if it does what can you do? Deal with it and move on right? Right.

Sooooo as an update to that original post, I AM going to Montreal, leaving next week (woo hoo) and staying at Le Germaine, but not sure if there's time to visit the restaurants I wanted to go too. I think it might be exploration/wander time and see where it takes me. Oh yeah, and I'm taking the train and I can't freaking wait - I LOVE train travel (although this particular trip from a previous post may have you questioning that declaration of love for train travel, but I swear that was just me at that place, at that time - it had nothing to do with the train itself!)

I STILL haven't made official plans for a Brazil/Argentina trip, and do you want to know what the real reason is as to why I'm slightly reluctant? Oh it's not fear or finances (although that should always be an area to keep in check), it's food! Crazy right? A food lover who's not thrilled to have Brazilian food "shakes head" - I think it's the too much meat thang but I'm sure I'll get over it. Now the other parts/sides of Brazil, haha well, I can't WAIT to explore/check it out!

Ive already said I graduated (seriously how many degrees/diplomas/certifications is too much?? Is it ever too much? He asks slightly rhetorically but yet is open to an answer?) and now I'm keeping my eye out for employment opportunities. I move into my new place in October. Hmmm, what else to add as an update? I guess that's pretty much it for the time being. Sorry but that post really needed updating. Oh, and as you will now see, my prejudice for including Toronto restaurants on this blog is now over :). Update accomplished!

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