Friday, October 11, 2013

The Best Of Archer

As much as I love talking and writing about food, I also really love to have a good laugh. So I wanted to share something that makes me (and maybe you?) laugh, and it's all about Archer.

Now this series ranks right up there (in my humble opinion) with some of the greatest animation programs in TV history. Seriously, no exaggeration! There is honestly nothing quite like it (currently) on television.

The very first time I watched the show was in Bali. My sisters boyfriend (at the time) and I were absolutely howling with laughter the entire time, and couldn't stop laughing afterwards. I made sure to make a note of it so I could watch older episodes when I finally made it home from my travels. I've been hooked ever since and now I eagerly await season five (which doesn't happen until January 2015 - damn!).

In the meantime, why not enjoy a "best of" compilation, just to get a taste - on the house. If you don't like it, sorry I wasted your time.

If you do, I need not say more. :)


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