Friday, April 11, 2014

Just a spoonful of realism

As I've been writing this "semi-autobiographical" account of my passion for cooking, food and all the good stuff that comes with it, I realized that I was doing just that - focusing on the good stuff. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but looking back at the majority of the posts I've written for this blog, there is almost a relentless cheerfulness (I say 'almost' because when the serious posts do hit, they really hit - need I say more "ahem": the truth about dying??) that sometimes borders on the unrealistic. I mean everything written has actually happened, but I'm definitely omitting some of the challenges that occurred while it was happening. You could come away from some of the postings thinking "F*ck, does this guy have any issues, problems or what-not in his life?" The answer to that is HELL yeah - I'm just very choosy when and where I reveal them.

I love most of what I've written for this blog, but I know I could have provided much more of a two-sided account to the trip stories and the blog in general. My initial thoughts when I first started the blog up until now (three years later - talk about learning the long, hard way!) was why dwell or even think of the negative, when the truth is it's really not negativity, it's called BALANCE!

So with that little caveat in mind, I shall endeavour to become a bit more balanced when it comes to personal experiences, stories and opinions. I would hate to confuse the reader thinking they are reading the ongoing trials and tribulations of a black, gay male Mary Poppins and his spoonful of sugar stories he is forcing you to swallow.

Cool? Cool.
Now on to part two of food freak autobiography!

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