Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Second helpings

I honestly believe the best part about hosting a dinner party, or even just making large quantities of food in general, is eating the leftovers. I know fresh cooking everyday is the dream - for some, but there is nothing wrong with reheating up an older dish and getting as much enjoyment out of that as you did the first time you ate it.

Now I've tried to be very conscious of the fact that the photo-sharing food trend is both cheered and reviled by the public at large, but sometimes, you just can't help yourself. Sometimes you just want a visual of the food you've enjoyed, especially the second time around.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Wilson

That picture was taken last night. It's the last bit of the braised lamb shank and potato gratin dish I made for my dinner party last Saturday - mentioned here (didn't make the spinach side - it was a strictly meat and potatoes evening!). And I'm sorry to tell you this dear reader, but I admit that I behaved like a TV chef, moaning ecstatically over the food I made because it really was pretty damn tasty. I ate it in ten minutes and washed it down with a very nice Australian (Penfolds) cabernet sauvignon. A very nice way to end the start of the work week!

I'm going to add a small tip since we're on the topic of leftovers. When you're reheating leftovers, try to avoid the microwave. Pull out your skillet or saucepan to reheat your food. I know it may mean a few extra dishes to wash, but it's worth it.

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