Monday, September 15, 2014

A hungry man visits Graceland

picture courtesy of Stephen Wilson

No food, but plenty of filler.

I didn't actually go inside the mansion. Please. Elvis may have been "the greatest", but his decorating taste was not. Plus the line-ups were huge and I'm sorry, I'm not about to pay forty-something dollars to see 'tacky' on full display. I'd rather stay home and pay myself!

With that said, I did get the cab driver to stop outside the house so I can take pictures on my way to the airport. I got a crappy shot of the 'Lisa Marie' airplane (wow, the things people with money do to amuse themselves).

I also took pictures of the Chapel beside the mansion. I was told by my cab driver that it was an important place. Ok.

I also made sure to visit one of many Graceland tourist shops, which you can sort of see right beside that Graceland parking lot sign. I managed to find what I really wanted to highlight my short, but memorable trip to Graceland. You'll see it as you scroll down.

Check it out:

pictures courtesy of Stephen Wilson

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