Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Observations: sloth day continued

Ok, so I'm adding a few observations to my previous post about sloth day.

1) Exactly whom constitutes an afternoon 'regular' audience for AMC? I mean the commercials alone. In the past hour, I've seen adverts for Passages Malibu (an expensive rehab clinic), car and financial loan shark commercials, terrible fast food schlock and Walmart.

I'll hazard a guess that it might be wealthy, bored, possibly drugged or drunk housewives or husbands who need help, but don't know it yet? It could be college and/or high school students with the same issues as the aforementioned housewives/husbands? Or, maybe it's people that might need money right away, and need to see the adverts to know whom to contact?

Whatever the reason, all demographics mentioned have terrible taste in TV movies (says the man watching Friday the 13th - Jason takes Manhattan).

2) Now that I've written that I'm having a lazy day, all of a sudden I'm pumped and ready with like fifty (ok, slight exaggeration) topics to cover for the blog. What?

3) Lastly, I really miss New York. That absolute crap movie 'Jason Takes Manhattan', is making me want to visit. Oh, I have an idea on what you may be thinking dear reader. It is indeed a very odd, somewhat disturbing connection to make, but there you have it.

It has been a few years (8 years to be exact), so maybe it's time? If I do go, you've read the reason and seen the proof right here. It wasn't the food or culture that pushed me, it was a Friday the 13th movie.

Thanks awful movie for the potential New York visit inspiration!

Oh, and you knew I'd include the movie poster (see below) - you know, just for effect.

image courtesy of www.i-mockery.com

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