Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A slothful day keeps the panic at bay

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Taking a personal break from the world of food is tough, especially when you're life and career is dependant on it. Every once and a while though, there comes a time when stepping away is good for the senses, the mind and yes, the stomach. Or so you tell yourself.

For the past few days (weeks?), I've been vacillating between the panic buttons of "Oh my God, I've written nothing for the blog!" and "Oh my God, I have nothing to say to warrant writing for the blog!" I woke up this morning thinking that I've got to get a grip and calm the hell down, because eventually I'll figure it out. Eventually. In the meantime, perhaps giving the mind a break to regroup is on the agenda. Hello there day of sloth!

We live in a world that doesn't care much for people who 'take breaks'. This is a go get 'em world, and you have to be on your toes all the freaking time. And if you're not doing something, feelings of guilt usually set up shop in your mind.

The truth is, we need breaks. People are creating even more gadgets to make sure we never get a break from life. There are wristbands to monitor you when you sleep. They are apps that tell you what you're eating for breakfast is probably shit, and you need this or that to get you through another 9-10 hours (or more depending on your job) of work.

There's exercise we should do but never get to, thus feeling guilty about it. There's the last email you'd like to ignore but can't, because it could be important and we feel personally, and more than likely professionally, pressured aka guilty for not answering it. Turns out to be another advertisement for printing cartridges.

It never ends. No breaks plus guilt, guilt, guilt. It's like the Catholic church has taken over the mindset of the world. Trust me, they own guilt.

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To be able to wake up and decide one morning that you'll be damned if you're going to do a thing today,well that's a luxury that should never be taken for granted. It also never happens for most people. I know plenty of friends and family who couldn't fathom the idea of not being active somehow, even if they had the time to do it. To not be active is a form of weakness. I understand that, but today, I've decided not to follow that mode of thinking.

Now admittedly I have had a few 'do nothing' days in my life. Ok, a lot. I am well aware of how "do nothing" is viewed by family, friends and/or strangers, but nonetheless, I'm putting it out there. I will enjoy it, but I'll add that it's tinged with a slight bit of guilt. See? the boy can leave Catholicism, but it never leaves the boy.

Screw it. Panic over deadlines can wait. I've got leftover Argentinian short ribs, mash potatoes and greens, and a brownie that won't eat itself for lunch today. There's a horror marathon on AMC that's begging me to watch it. It's the entire Friday the 13th series today, and it really does get progressively worse as the sequels continue - I can't believe this freaked me out in the 80s!

It's my do nothing day, and it's going to be gross.

I mean good. Once I finish this post of course.

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