Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The 'Chef Pose' - is that all there is?

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You know exactly what I'm talking about. See the images above if you need reminding.

The pose. That pose. The arms folded, with or without tattoos showing. Smile, or maybe not. Maybe go for an angry or bored look, or both. Wear the full regalia of chef whites, or not, but definitely something that indicates that you are, indeed, a chef. Then do the pose. The same pose, over and over again.

So this is it. I am making a simple request, possibly heading into plea territory, to all the guilty parties and it's this. Please stop 'the pose'. Please.

Now before I go on, it must be said that both men and women in the industry are guilty of the aforementioned atrocities. There is nothing but full equality in this post. Also note, that I have nothing but the utmost respect for the men and women in our industry. It's tough and we know it, but those picture poses say cheese rather than tough, or is that just me?

Of course, I am well aware that this is a ridiculous issue to get upset about, but there you go. Humans can sometimes be ridiculous creatures. I also know that I'm heading into somewhat controversial territory, talking about how to look in pictures now that I've admitted to a modelling past, and can recognize (and scarily perfect) a contrived pose when I see it. But, it's getting ugly now.

So listen up my fellow upcoming chefs and cooks. It's ok to fight back and break the chef pose chain!

Yes, you can appear as natural to your personality as possible, unless of course you (admittedly) take terrible pictures. If that is the case, then, and only then, should help be welcomed with open arms. Note that I used the words 'open arms'.

Brandishing a cleaver does not convey trust or knowledge to the general public. I have no idea who started that trend, but it doesn't and you shouldn't. You don't convey authority leering at the camera. You do it by cooking your ass off. The rest is just posturing, and you know this.

So trust me when I say stop. Please. I'll even start the process of trying a new pose, just to see if it catches on. Look!

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