Monday, November 24, 2014

Attention shoppers, your food is shrinking!

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But your grocery bill isn't.

We all know that shopping for food is either going to be tolerable to you, or a giant pain in the ass. However way you feel about it, it has to be done. But have you noticed that your food bill seems to be increasing, while the size of certain items may actually be decreasing?

Look at the packaging of bacon for example. It has definitely decreased in size, but yet the pricing remains the same. Have you noticed? If you think about what you've bought lately, are suspicious things starting to jump out at you that you disregarded at the time of purchase? The bacon example is just one of many shifts and changes being made by various food organizations. These changes are effecting the food you buy in the grocery store, and it's happening as quickly AND quietly as possible.

It's very easy to overlook what's going on right in front of your eyes in the world of food, but luckily there is a website that will help you pay attention - check it out, it's called Consumer World. I am not attached to this site, but I am doing my part to increase it's profile because I believe there is definite need for this information to be accessible for all consumers. It's a simple but effective site, not only in raising awareness of any changes to the food you enjoy, but also any changes in overall consumer practices.

Read, learn and be vigilant!

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