Thursday, November 27, 2014

The recipe is just not that into you

"What the hell was I thinking making you?"
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Raise your hand if you've made a mistake with a certain recipe. Yup, I see you, and I feel your pain. I know it hurts when a recipe just doesn't want to be committed to all the time and effort you put into creating it.

The toughest part is how to deal with the rejection. As a matter of fact, I've even written about how to handle that very situation right here. At the time of that particular posting, I sincerely believed the advice provided was pretty helpful, maybe even verging on practical. But opinions have changed since then.

There was one thing that I failed to mention in that post, and it's this: maybe, just maybe that recipe rejection may not have entirely been your fault!

That's right my friends. That recipe you tried to add to your culinary life may not have been entirely honest with you, thus making it much more likely for you to fail when you try it. I know right? If you are shocked, disappointed or even angry by this news, you have every right to be. It's not a wonderful feeling to know you may have been duped by a pretty picture in a cookbook or an online cookery site.

Recipes are fascinating creations. Without it, you couldn't make anything, unless of course you're that natural cook who can magically put anything together simply by looking and tasting - and there are people out there who can do this. I call those people ghosts, because you know they exist, yet you can never really find them. And if you do, you are utterly blown away, your life is changed forever.

Ghosts aside, you've heard the following stated over and over again: simple and easy recipes, simple and easy results. The problem is that a great deal of the 'simple' recipes your reading, have either been edited, chopped, changed or just plain wrong. So again it may not be your fault if the dish you made tastes like shit.

So how do you get over a recipe rejection? This is probably where that list I created here to get over cooking disasters may come in handy. Or you can admit that the recipe was just not that into you, pick up the pieces of that broken casserole dish or and look out for the next recipe that's waiting for a special cook like you.

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