Thursday, February 12, 2015

No sex and the single foodie: A personal ode to 'that' day

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We all know it's coming. Thank God there's no official countdown like there is for New Years Day, but we are all very well aware that time is marching towards it. It's been in your face for weeks. Most of us have tried so hard to ignore the sudden increase in jewellery commercials or newspaper adverts for chocolates and flowers. Even as I type this post, an email for Direct Flowers just popped up on my screen. Romantic holiday brochures for two in Cabo or Hawaii appear in greater numbers in the mail or the newspaper. Even for the budget conscious, KFC dinner coupons for two add that extra special touch to what should be a perfect day and possibly, night for you and your loved one. Still not sure what I'm taking about? Ok, fine, I'll say it. Valentine's Day, or as the image above conveys, singles awareness day.

Yup, once again we're approaching that one day of the year most single people - and some married or partnered people, either hate or dread, or both. Some don't care at all. Me, I'm stuck in the middle. It's such a stupid day, but back when I was partnered I understood that while the day itself is ridiculous, I LOVED getting Valentine's Day crap. Who doesn't? I mean seriously, a majority of us did not start off hating the day, did we? Since we were children, Valentine's day has been shoved down our throats. Although it must be said, it was a lot more fun back as kids because (just about) everyone would get a card. Even the kids you hated. Totally democratic, less heartbreak. Maybe. I think.

But now? Now you're a bit older, and maybe a bit more single than you remembered. They say that you can't let the day itself bother you. But then you ask, who are 'they'? Oh, you know, 'they' could be your parents, whom suddenly find love again at 75 and are getting re-married. Or, 'they', could be your single friends whom accept it for what it is and are surprisingly non-violent whenever candy in the shape of a heart appears in their face. Maybe 'they' could even be your happily married or partnered friends, who secretly glance at you sideways thinking "Thank GOD I'm not in his or her shoes." Don't deny it, we've all done that glance at some point in our lives! But, it's ok, really. You can still make the most of 'that' day without it turning into a personal tragic version of love letters.

How, you may ask yourself? Easy. You can eat!

I suggest looking up that recipe you've been dying to try, head to the grocery store for supplies and make an amazing, home cooked meal. If cooking ain't your 'thang', but eating most definitely is, then grab that take-out Thai menu, or whatever grabs your fancy, and order it in. But most importantly, run, don't walk to your favourite bakery or chocolatier (hello there Soma), you know the one where you inhaled that incredible chocolate tart a month ago? Purchase a good bottle of wine - I recommend the Monna Lisa Chianti classico - yes, this wine does exist and yes, that's really how you spell the name 'Monna'. Or, even better, champagne, and then eat and drink your face off. Then wake up the next morning, feeling full, somewhat refreshed, possibly hungover and do whatever it is you do to survive because dammit, it's just one day of the year.

We'll get through it. Now lets go get that chocolate tart.

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