Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Forty three shades of nuts

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A hungry man has decided to take a leap into the world of relevancy. A decision has finally been made to dream big or go home. This is it. The time is now.

I am building my own professional website!

Oh I know that there are many people out in the social media world, or just folks in general, whom are slowly giving me the golf clap for this announcement - if they care at all. But, that's not the point of the announcement. In my attempts to become a more comprehensive source of food and lifestyle information, I am attempting to do something that is so outside my area of expertise, it's the suburbs.

Since I started planning this website, I've caught myself wondering, more than once, whether taking on this rather heavy project makes me officially crazy. I have asked myself if I really wanted to create and build something that could occupy an additional forty three years (ok, slight exaggeration acknowledged here)of my life that a professional could do in a few months? Maybe - hence the post title, but tell me there isn't something gratifying and exciting when you make a decision to leap off that perch of safety into the great unknown? Yes? No? Hmmmm.

I personally think it's brilliant whenever I hear that someone wants to take on a personal project that is completely outside of their area of knowledge. Home renovations, trying a difficult recipe, S&M dungeon master, it's all good because learning is growing. Of course, that excitement stops whenever I hear someone wants to take out their own appendix because it was on their bucket list (I do believe that doctors are trained for a reason). But website building? Well, I never approached it with a "how hard can it be" attitude because, truth be told, it is hard. It is tedious. It is baffingly confusing. It is so boring I want to take that knife someone used for their personal appendix removal, and shove it into the computer screen.

It's all right. I knew I was in for a unique challenge when I decided to take this project on. Ever since I started planning this process a few months ago, I still find myself going back and forth between wanting to hire someone and forging ahead by myself. I have touched the lap of wanting to give up, only to find myself chanting my self-created - and may I add exceptionally excellent, 'believe in yourself' song (If you'd like a copy of the lyrics, please send me a personal email and I'll be glad to send it to you - for a fee of course).

Web developers are trained for a reason, and I would never want to encroach on their very protected territory. I admire what they do and rarely question their instincts. But I wanted to do this myself, for myself. I wanted to learn about the intricacies of putting something together that will hopefully turn out to be something I'm proud of. Whether it's forty-three shades of nuts or just forty-three reasons to keep pushing yourself, it's my challenge and I'm ready to take it on. And if I'm wrong about this, I'm not worried. There is human-sized butterfly net hanging in the corner of my office, ready to lead me to a lovely place of mental rest.

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