Friday, August 28, 2015

Season for a reason: why seasonal cooking is good for the body and the wallet

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Seasonal cooking has become me. When I say that, I mean that I've found myself making much more of an effort to find information that targets cooking and recipes that coincide with each season. Although many expert blogs and cooking sites all do phenomenal jobs touting the virtues of seasonal cooking, can seasonal cooking awareness truly be accomplished in a era of increasingly active people whom often reach for the first vegetable and/or fruit, regardless of season, simply because it is available?

Yes, a thousand times yes.

And a particular message that would resonate the most with the consumer crowd, is the fact that not only is cooking seasonally oh-so-good for the tummy, it's also very good to the wallet too. Sticking to seasonal shopping means buying food right at its peak of seasonal freshness, and it's cheaper too. Think about it. When you're paying twice as much for strawberries in November compared to peak season time in June, ask yourself if that makes sense. Are you that desperate to make a strawberry smoothie or shortcake in the dead of winter, when you can substitute that off season fruit for much more seasonal, and tastier, apples, bananas are even pears?

No one likes to be told what to do, but sometimes when your own money is on the line to feed yourself, little tips like this should always be welcomed. Take a look here and download this comprehensive season in produce chart, courtesy of It is a meticulously compiled, informative guide that will help you when you hit the grocery to start thinking about what fruit or vegetable is in season. More importantly, it helps you figure out what you can stock up on, and avoid making a huge dent to your wallet. It is well worth a look.

And remember: eat well, but eat wise!

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