Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A video journey of Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam: Beauty, serenity, peace

Preparing for the upcoming changes to the blog has resulted in my unearthing a treasure trove of pictures and videos from my personal travel archives. I'm throughly enjoying the revisit, and this video is a particular favourite.

Ah, memories, I remember this particular time in Viet Nam like it was yesterday. I'm particularly grateful that I captured it via video. That is what makes having pieces of personal memorabilia, well, memorable - and fun. It can transport you back to what was hopefully a pleasurable place.

I filmed this video when I was on board a private junk during my visit to Ha Long Bay. You will note upon watching, that there is virtually no sound - save for the sound of my breathing and the hum of the boat. The bay, at least the portion of it that my fellow travellers and I were visiting, was far from the madding tourists crowds and oh so gloriously quiet. It was a definitive moment in what was an exhausting, intriguing, frustrating and amazing journey through Viet Nam.

For a brief but beautiful look at the wonder that is Ha Long Bay, through my eyes, please click the video below.

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