Monday, August 24, 2015

Sharpen those knives! A video lesson

I've talked at length about attending George Brown culinary school. The time that I spent at the school, honing my cooking skills, and just receiving a well-rounded, informative culinary education was the best educational decision I ever made. Yup, that means it tops my university education by a country mile!

I was looking for a recipe yesterday, and as I was going through my personal archives of notes and cooking instructions, I came across a video, courtesy of my culinary alma matter. It features the esteemed Chef John Higgins, demonstrating how to properly sharpen your chef knives using a sharpening stone.

It was great to hear that familiar Scottish accent again, and what's even better, the video was a friendly reminder that although you never forget how to sharpen your knives, it's never a bad thing to be reminded of ways you can do it better.

check it out here:

video courtesy of George Brown Culinary School

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