Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The search begins

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With the exciting news (for me) of my upcoming graduation from public relations (pr) looming (in June), now comes the "fun" part: looking for a job. I knew this was coming as I've alluded to it many times on this blog. Now that it's here, in my face, ready to be dealt with, I'll admit to having a small case of nerves. So I sat down last week to check out my resume, and after going over it I thought to myself " Self, this doesn't look so bad." The inner voice, however, was also suggesting perhaps it would be wise to let someone else take a look, you know, just to make sure the resume really will be taken seriously. After all, when you've been out of the game for a while it never hurts to get a second or third, even a fourth opinion. Well the resulting review was this: the resume was shit. Shockingly, I didn't take offense because once I re-read it from his perspective and saw it for what it was, I agreed wholeheartedly - it really was shit. Where the heck was the pr professional in this resume? Good question, because he sure wasn't in this document. I'll tell you something else; ten years ago I would not have handled that criticism gracefully! Ah, look what time and maturity can do to a person eh?

So I've spent the past week re-writing, re-formatting and NOW I think it's good, but again it's time for a second opinion. Thankfully one of my instructors from school has kindly offered to take a look and now, just like in school, I'll wait patiently (sort of) for her remarks!

I'm very aware that the job situation has changed dramatically since I last looked for employment. Every time you watch the news, scan the net or read the papers about the current economic situation and jobless rate, you feel your stomach shrink for fear you'll be yet another unemployed statistic. Call me naive, or nutty (hey I've been called worse), but I believe there is a job for me, and I will find it! Hey, if I can travel the world on my own and come out of that experience somewhat unscathed, then I can find a job.

Patience and luck.

The search begins...

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