Monday, December 2, 2013

42 Candles

pic courtesy of wiki images

It's often been said that the older you get, the faster time seems to speed by. Who am I to argue what 'they' say. I do know that time has definitely been moving a bit quicker since I turned 40. As of November 29th I will be 42 - with conviction that was said! Now when I'm asked about my birthday or my age I'm honestly very cool about it. Hey, you just don't joke about your age when your 40 and up. When people are shocked and say to me "Seriously Steve? You can't be 42", my answer is always why would I ever lie about being in my forties?

I don't mind getting older. I do, however, mind some of the not-so-fun stuff that comes along with it. The ache that just wasn't there ten years ago. The monitoring of the stomach gut to make sure it stays in somewhat good shape. And mentally? Well, lets say there hasn't been a moment where I've gone into the basement only to forget why, mostly because I don't have a basement but other than that, it really is ok. I'm just glad I made it through in pretty much one piece (minus the few body aches and pains) and can hopefully stick around another year to see what crazy shit's going to go down next!

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