Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas tales and trimmings

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Well, Christmas is coming again. It hasn't sprung out of nowhere, and I refuse to accept the premise that the fast-approaching coming holiday was a surprise to anyone. We knew/know it's coming, and yet we still seemed shocked at the sudden speed that yes, Christmas is almost here. I guess in a way it is somewhat shocking, only in the sense that I believe it signals the end of yet another nutty year that we've all somehow managed to get through in some form or another.

As Christmas approaches, I personally find that my reaction to it has taken a 360 degree turn. How did that happen? Well, basically I'm not dreading it anymore like I used to! I don't know how or when, and I don't care why, but all of a sudden I'm 'embracing' Christmas. I actually went out and bought a wreath for my apartment door! You may not realize but that was a big deal to me. My apartment has Christmas decorations in it! I'm serious! I wouldn't have even dreamed of stepping foot in that sort of Christmas crap store let alone buy anything last year or the years previous, but now? Bring it on (ugh - I cringe saying such an old out-of-date phrase, but right now it's just oddly appropriate so I forgive myself). As I've said, I'm not sure when or how this change came about, but I like it. I'm mellowing, ha ha. Actually it's more of a sign of what the passage of time really can do to a persons mind, body and spirit. After Robbie died five years ago, I hated the holiday season and acted accordingly. Now it just feels right to let all that anger/unfairness go, and realize just how truly lucky and blessed I am to even be here to enjoy another Christmas. So now I'm ready for some good old-fashion holiday cheer.

It will be nice to hang out with family and friends and do some cooking! Christmas cookies, the big turkey and trimmings, and unlike Thanksgiving, there WILL be fresh homemade bread (hooray!) and my Mums famous sweetbread. I'm realizing as my family and I get older, I really just want to celebrate everything now, just have a good time. This is not just for me, but for everyone who have supported, comforted and loved me during the times I needed it most. Yup, it's (about) time to give back, and dammit it feels really good to do it! Alright, sappiness aside, shopping must be started so I'd better get to it!

There will be one more post before the end of the year - yup, it's the 2013 re-count of events, hooray!! Oh yeah, I can feel the anticipation and excitement out there by my five readers haha! Seriously, thank you for standing by my babbling over the years.

Have a safe and happy Christmas holiday!

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