Sunday, January 5, 2014

A New Year's story: predictions and promises

What does this hungry man foresee in 2014? Besides the known fact that food and travel will somehow be involved, and the new job is still plugging along (not sure I mentioned that I'm working as a communications specialist for a small branding company - not exactly food pr..yet), who the hell knows what will happen! And you know something? I like it that way. Who can predict their future? If anyone can, with accuracy I might add, I'd be happy to meet them. Then again, would I want to know what my future will bring? I just shivered a bit at the thought.

So over the holidays I watched a UK documentary series called 7up. The program chronicles the lives of 14 individuals from various backgrounds, starting from 1964, and re-visits them every seven years. At this point the series is at 56 up. The interviewer goes back to see how they are faring in life, what they are doing or have done, how things have changed etc. etc. It's a great and very addictive series (in my humble opinion). The questions asked by the interviewer sometimes irritate you as a viewer (and irritate the interviewee I might add), but it is highly entertaining as well thought provoking. I believe the series also provided viewers in the UK with their very first glimpse of mental illness in an individual, so it was also groundbreaking TV.

What would you do if you saw yourself at seven, at 14, then again at 21 and so on? To hear the ridiculous, albeit interesting, crap you spouted then, and to cringe from embarrassment upon rehearing it. Ugh, I wouldn't need TV to relive that stuff, I'd just sit down and flick through my own brain embarrassment archives. Oh look, lets try the year 1978. There's Steve, falling face first as tries to ride his bike down steep Crawford Street hill, scrapping knees and face, bleeding everywhere, all in front of a bunch of laughing neighbourhood kids and crying about it. Regardless, 7up and its ongoing series is great TV and highly, highly recommended viewing.

The series made me think of this blog. I've been at this for, my God, four years now! What started as a simple travel blog has turned into God knows what, but I'm still very glad I keep it going (albeit sporadically). It's a new year and new beginnings (I think I've said that before on this blog). All I can hope is that it'll be ok personally and professionally, that I can continue to keep the blog going (again, sporadically) and that the events in my life continue to be somewhat interesting and inspirational enough to write about.

Happy New Year!

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