Thursday, June 18, 2015

The demise of THG

At various times over the past few months, a hungry man has referred to an acronym entitled 'THG'. I won't reveal what it really stands for, but I will state that from this point forward, THG will no longer be a part of this blog.

It's always a strange thing when relationships end. A great deal of questions come up, including what role you yourself played in its untimely demise. But, I will say this. The lessons I have learned from these past few months with THG, has definitely shaped me for whatever decisions - be it good or bad, I will need to make regarding relationships going forward. It doesn't matter whether it's professional or personal. I needed a shake, and I got one.

As the reigning lifestyle doyenne and former felon Martha Stewart often says, 'It's a good thing."

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