Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Teach 'yo' self: A crash course in sustainable food shopping

Whenever the word 'sustainable' rears its head, suddenly the world becomes hard of hearing. That response is somewhat understandable, as the word itself can bring up feelings of guilt and other unpleasant emotions within the human psyche.

The truth of the matter is that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of when it comes to sustainable behaviour, or in this case, sustainable shopping.

In fact, the ability to teach 'yo' self (and by the way, that phrase is a less than subtle nod to the amazing writers of the recently cancelled sitcom, Parks and Recreation) about food sustainability can be quite simple, easy to understand and dare it be said, fun to learn.

We are all human and we all know how difficult it can be to follow rules or instructions. There will be moments when sustainable shopping may not work for you, your family or your budget and you will be forgiven for that. The goal here, is to provide small tips and hints in case you do have the time, money and options that can guide you on the food sustainable knowledge road, and "teach yo self" the next time you're hitting the grocery store.

Special thanks to the good folks at mindbodygreen (MBG), who provided the information which was condensed in order to create this infographic. Please visit them for more information about sustainable shopping and other articles here.

Infographic created by Stephen Wilson

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